Xtreeme MailXpert

Xtreeme MailXpert Standard 3.0

Create mailing lists, send out newsletters

Xtreeme MailXpert is a mailing list server, email forwarder, auto responder, opt-in mailer and more in a single package.

Want to create a mailing list to share it with your friends? Support forum for your products? Need an auto responder? Or a newsletter? Or perhaps some custom, advanced email service no one has thought about before? And you don't have a year or five to spend learning a new program? You are home.

Keep your customers updated

Mailing lists are an excellent means of letting your customers know about new releases, changes to your web site, new offers and so on. With MailXpert you can create a news board, import email addresses from an external file in no time. It will take just a couple of mouse clicks to get your mailing list up and running.

Support your product

Perfect support, according to your customers, should be 24/7 and free. Running a support mailing list can be. Plus, unlike the telephone support, you customers can control their time spent using the support; they can take a break at any time, have a cup of coffee and get back when it’s best suitable for them. With another person on the phone it’s not exactly that easy.

Create a discussion forum

Running a discussion forum creates a chance for the people sharing the same interest or a hobby to “meet”, share their knowledge and make friends with people from all over the world. Running a company-sponsored discussion forum is a great way of building mark-awareness among your potential customers.

Xtreeme MailXpert


Xtreeme MailXpert Standard 3.0